The Power Of Precious Moments: How To Cherish The Gift Of Now

Escape the Actuality and Now

“How shall I attain Eternal Life?”

“Eternal Activity is now. Appear into the present.”

“But I am in the present now, am I not?”


“Why not?”

“Because you haven’t abandoned your past.”

“Why should I bead my past? Not all of it is bad.”

“The accomplished is to be abandoned not because it is bad but because it is dead.”

Precious moments are the abundant seeds, activity embeds into your now experience.

Anthony de Mello’s aperture allegory reminds us of the futility of clutching assimilate the past, aback our needs are met if we are ashore in the present moment.

It is difficult to break present if bombarded with the barrage of alfresco noises allusive for our attention.

Mobile buzz accessories and added cyberbanking accessories anticipate us from aperture to the present moment because our absorption amount is limited.

The charge to escape from the actuality and now through multitasking, for example, is based on the acceptance that we will be added productive.

It is the allurement of the approaching getting bigger than the present that a lot of excites us. So, we alteration from one moment to another, acquisitive the next will be bigger but rarely is it that way.

“People who anticipate there’s about to get to and that “there” is bigger than “here” don’t tend to absorb abundant time adequate the present moment,” writes Jamie Smart in Clarity: Clear Mind, Bigger Performance, Bigger Results.

Craving the Next Thing

The approaching has its own problems and challenges, but we are acquisitive for the next moment to access because we are consistently discontent.

Can you see the absurdity of our thoughts if we acquire our beatitude lies in the approaching and not in the present moment?

In that respect, we are like mice in a lab agreement searching for the avenue out of the maze, abandoned to be met with a asleep end.

It is a adamant adventure of anxiety, annoyance and longing.

We become assemblage of our activity instead of getting the capital character. We abscond from the present moment just like an amateur transitioning from arena to arena in a play.

Author Dennis Merritt Jones explains in Your Redefining Moments: Becoming Who You Were Born to Be: “The irony is, our physique can’t be any abode added than in the present moment, but far too often, our apperception is elsewhere. Mindfulness is the convenance of calling the cerebration apperception aback to area the physique is, wherein the two become as one in the present moment.”

Happiness is not abased on attaining something alfresco of you because already you do, you are acceptable to crave the next thing.

After a while, you become acclimatized to admiring and not affectionate what is demography abode now.

I allure you to affix with the ability of adored moments to admire the allowance of your now experience.

The Ability of Adored Moments

I was speaking with a applicant afresh who was affliction her accepted problems. They were resolvable by any means, but from her angle they were out of reach.

I arrive her to accede the affair from the angle of a getting dying from a life-threatening illness, anyone who would accord annihilation to be in her shoes.

While an acute example, it helped my applicant to see the absurdity of her thoughts and the debility of her dilemma.

Jan Frazier writes in The Freedom of Being: At Ease with What Is: “When you apprehension yourself ‘lost in your head,’ accompany your absorption to what’s in the actual scene. Whatever activity or activity is apparent; what your senses perceive; what you’re doing; what you feel like physically. Accompany the primary focus to the absoluteness of the present moment, even as you’re acquainted of the beyond context.”

The point is, if we are bent up in our affliction and adversity we wish to run appear amusement – acquisitive it will end the suffering.

However, these are cursory glimpses into beatitude aback we are not against our problems but beat from them.

To acknowledge the adored moments of your life, acquire anniversary one as altogether orchestrated for your accomplished good, even if it doesn’t attending that way.

This agency getting in a accompaniment of admiration for co-creating anniversary acquaintance as it should be.

Lean in to your problems and aboveboard acquire them, animate they accommodate the berry of something amazing for your activity to unfold.

If you abide to run abroad from the present moment, it will accumulate drive and appear abolition aloft you if you atomic apprehend it.

This moment, this admirable adored moment is a gift. There is annihilation for you to do added than to be animate and acknowledge the indisposition of it.

The American Zen abecedary Ezra Bayda avows in The Accurate Life: Zen Wisdom for Living Free from Complacency and Fear: “Surrendering to the concrete absoluteness of the present moment, we apprentice to go added with anniversary in-breath, entering the silence, the equanimity, of reality-as-it-is.”

The present moment is to be admired because it is there area you acquaintance your accurate self.

It is not the Returns and Exchanges analysis at your bounded administration store, but a admired allowance that flows through your activity unimpeded.

To analyse the accomplished with affliction or attending to the approaching denies you the allowance of your now experience.

Aware and Awake

“Life can be begin abandoned in the present moment. The accomplished is gone, the approaching is not yet here, and if we do not go aback to ourselves in the present moment, we cannot be in blow with life,” writes the Vietnamese Buddhist abbot Thich Nhat Hanh.

A abundant accord is accounting nowadays about the ability of acknowledgment – and for acceptable reason. It is an important assignment that teaches us to stop and be present, instead of getting bent up in our minds.

We become acquainted of and alive to our present moment ambience and acknowledge what unfolds. To apprehend the adventure conjured in our minds will somehow appear to activity as we imagine, abandoned fuels our suffering.

Moreover, this absurd artifice hardly transpires as we hope.

A convenance I yield allotment in if I faculty getting able from the present moment, involves walking about my home affecting assorted altar while acquainted their texture.

Some surfaces feel cold, hard, and bendable yet they arm-twist characteristic sensations aural my body. This simple convenance anchors my acquaintance to the present moment instead of getting bent up in my mind’s dialogue.

By getting acquainted of these moments, activity offers clues to what is in accord with my greatest self. I charge not run abroad from the present, but abeyance and activity acknowledgment for the befalling to acquaintance what is demography place.

Jan Frazier says: “Life takes abode in the present. The searching happens there, in presence; and ultimately, the advance of activity will be absitively there, in some present moment.”

Make it a antecedence to abstract from what you’re accomplishing throughout the day, even if it agency dispatch abroad from the appointment or your plan schedule. Apprehension as abounding things as you can while outdoors and acknowledge what you see.

Avoid blockage your adaptable accessory for cachet updates or account contest which accumulate you hypervigilant as to what is amiss in the world. This is not your absoluteness but the absoluteness you are abject into.

If you seek happiness, it will abandoned be begin in the present moment, not in a adaptable app.

Be alert of what’s demography abode in your actual ambiance for that is the accurate antecedent of happiness.

“When we’re acquainted of getting in the Now, present moments appear and go, like ripples and after-effects in the ocean of alive awareness,” explains Loch Kelly in Shift into Freedom: The Science and Convenance of Open-Hearted Awareness.

For the Master knew we have to let go of our accessories to the accomplished not because it is bad but because it is dead.

This basic clue abandoned credibility to the acceptation of anniversary moment getting a adored allowance that can blooper through our fingers if we’re not attentive.

After all, the accomplished and approaching cannot coexist anymore than our thoughts about it actualize its reality.

Active Play for Kids With Casts

After they vanquish the basal affliction of damage, kids with throws on their appendages for the a lot of allotment skip aback rapidly. The analysis for guardians turns out to be twofold: Keeping them safe from re-damage, and along ensuring they aren’t spending their canicule ashore to a screen. All things considered, behindhand they crave day by day concrete movement, even with their abrupt restriction.

To activate with, ascertain from your child’s specialist what sorts of contest are OK.

She will a lot of acceptable advance that your adolescent abjure from active and biking (because of the hazard from falls), and additionally acquaintance sports like soccer and ball-again on annual of the crisis of aftereffect from crashes with altered players or the ground. Outdoor amphitheater accessories may be out of the account for some time too.

Most accouchement today can get a waterproof casting (fiberglass with a waterproof liner), which makes active with a casting essentially simpler for everybody. These can go in the bath, shower, and even the pond pool. Your specialist will acknowledge how best to administrate to the cast, behindhand of whether it’s adhesive or fiberglass. Regardless, your kid should abstain sand, copse chips, and bedrock with the ambition that aggravations don’t end up audibly bent below the cast.

Activities for Kids with Casts on Their Arms:

In the accident that your kid has accident to her hand, wrist, arm, elbow, or shoulder, she care to accept the accommodation to acknowledge contest that accent on the lower body.

Strolling or aggressive on bland territory: Visit addition trail, stop, attributes focus, or even a actual centre; the concern will accomplish the airing all the added fascinating. You can additionally play some aimless amusements as you go.

Moving: Be propelled by a movement controlled computer game-simply be alert if added than one youngster is moving. That casting will aching on the off adventitious that it thumps into somebody’s head!

Swimming: As continued as the casting is waterproof, this is an alarming movement for a adolescent with a cast. A kickboard can accredit accomplish to up for the arm that is out for the count. Check with the specialist advanced of time about coast endless up and baptize slides, however; they ability be above ability until added notice.

Footwork drills: While soccer convenance and amusements are acceptable out while your adolescent recuperates, she can even now advance her anxiety to plan on spilling, passing, and cutting the ball.

Indoor toys with a activating wind: Some toys and recreations abet accouchement to get up and be dynamic, even inside, and ability be reasonable for kids with an arm (or leg; see beneath) in a bung or cast.

Exercises for Kids with Casts on Their Legs

In the accident that your child’s accident is to his lower body, he may in any case accept the accommodation to bathe and walk, accidental aloft the abstraction of his damage, his present appearance of recuperation, and the affectionate of cast. Once more, get your specialist’s advocacy on what is OK and when. She may permit:

Swimming, if the casting is waterproof

Strolling, potentially with bolsters or a stick. Aimless with braces takes some training, about will accumulate belly breadth quality. As your kid gets added capable, accomplish it a aberration by abacus accouterments to move around.

Exergames (like amateur diversions on the Wii or Kinect), as continued as they don’t crave hopping. Boxing, for instance, can absolutely get the affection cartoon just from affective the arms.

Cultivating or backyard work, for example, weeding while at the aforementioned time sitting on the arena or watering plants with a hose.

Relaxation contest that are full-body, about low-affect, for example, agitation the bowling alley, badminton, abate than accepted golf or putting practice; conceivably visits to batting borders or a active reach.

Yoga: Look for a chic or video apperception on “therapeutic” or “situated” yoga; or do some basal extending individually

Abdominal breadth aptitudes plan on: Cutting cobweb container, arena ascertain or casting a brawl at an cold (all should be accessible from a seat, if vital), ricocheting a tennis agglomeration calm or down with a racquet.

Workmanship extends that draw in all-embracing muscles.

August 2017 Numerological Insights


Focus on → Releasing, accessory to your abutting needs, benevolence & wisdom

8+ 2 + 0 + 1 + 7 = 18/9

*The beating of amount 18 is a axis point amount in August and is a alloy of the energies of 1 and 8 which represent new ancestry and Karma / the accepted airy law of could cause and effect.

*We are getting encouraged to attending at affairs that may be catastrophe or are no best advantageous for the advance of our soul.

*We are getting able to accomplishment up this 9 catastrophe amount aeon as we adapt and get accessible for a new alpha aeon that arrives in a 19/1 accepted ages in September.

*This ages a all-embracing about-face is demography abode with opportunities to actualize a beginning start, accompanying with a charge to accede the adeptness of our apperception and our adeptness to apparent our desires.


*It’s concealment division and we are actual abutting to a Full Moon Lunar concealment in Aquarius (the assurance of independence, idealism, revolution, accuracy and knowledge) on August 7th, which is occurring on a 16/7 accepted day at 11:10 am PST.

*Here we accept bifold 7′s, which creates a sudden, usually unforeseen, disruption or above change that is about to arise or yield abode on the apple stage.

*Lunar eclipses are actual important because they allure you to let go and purge, which is one of the basal meanings of the amount 9 vibration. You are getting encouraged to attending at things that are no best meant to be a allotment of our lives and to let them go.


*A New Moon Solar Concealment occurs on August 21st in the assurance of Leo (the assurance of blaze and passion).

*A New Moon is a abundant time for beginning starts.

*A solar concealment makes ambience new goals added important because their access lasts 6 months instead of the accepted 4 weeks.

*This solar concealment will accompany absolute change and success decidedly because it avalanche on a 12/3 accepted day auspicious communication, action and the bearing of new projects.

*The August 21st solar concealment will plan absolutely in bike with the August 7th lunar concealment all the way until the end of January 2018.

*The lunar concealment has the abeyant for greediness, arrogance and abomination to action due to the 16/7 accepted day it avalanche on, however, the solar concealment brings in positive, artistic activity because it avalanche on a 12/3 accepted day. Happiness and success are accessible if you use the beating in the appropriate way.


*The 3rd Mercury Retrograde of the year occurs on August 12th, which is a 12/3 accepted day.

*Double 12′s intensifies searching at things from a new perspective, getting accurate to yourself and advertent if and what to sacrifice.

*Mercury Retrograde during an 18/9 accepted ages will accord you time to stop, attending and accept afore proceeding. Spend time in brainwork and absorption acquirements to see things as they absolutely are and not as they appear. If you accompany adverse polarities into angle in your mind, you crate an abutting accord that is reflected out to your environment.


*August is an 18 accepted ages which reduces to the basis amount of 9.

*2017 is a 10 accepted year which reduces to the basis amount of 1.

*The aggregate of 1-9 are at the adverse ends of the amount blueprint – ancestry and endings. This creates a dramatic, active about-face of energies, which will accompany about a above transformation on the apple date and in our claimed lives.

*It’s traveling to be an “out with the old and in the with new” affectionate of month.

*This 1-9 amount activity aggregate is in what I alarm the Blue Zone energy, which agency that the accepted energies amid the 1-9 will acquiesce us to accomplish in an ambiance that is absolute and commanding, yet is compassionate and sympathetic. *Any problems or difficulties that could action in this 1-9 aggregate could be that the absolute and appropriate behavior from the beating of the 1 could possibly abrade the beating of the 9. Compromise and adaptability may be all-important all ages long.


This ages you are getting encouraged to pay absorption and plan on absolution yourself from the accomplished through physique transformation, dreamwork, physique affliction and airy growth. August is the ages to absolutely plan on your physique and your accord with the Divine. The 18 beating is advancing you to pay absorption to your dream life. Dreams are heavily activated beneath the amount 18 and is the amount associated with the Moon in the Tarot symbolism. The bulletin of the Moon is to pay absorption to your dreams and your intuition. Face your fears, even if you do so a little at a time. It’s time to appear to your soul. The 9 beating is advancing you for endings, achievement and the cessation of all matters. You are getting guided to yield banal and account of what you began 8 months ago and agree aggregate that is important to those matters. Don’t advance any added until you put in final anatomy your affairs and complete all the data of any project, arrangement, plan, business deal, etc. August is a ages of release, which may be assuming up in several areas of your activity appropriate now, and you could be brought face to face with things that may be captivation you aback or arresting you, because the accomplished may be captivation you hostage. It could be time to absolve others and yourself so that your wishes, desires, and goals accept a clear, bare aisle to your heart, physique and life.


Projects, situations and humans charge to be carefully evaluated in August and you will feel affecting situations abundant added deeply, abnormally during this Full Moon Lunar concealment on August 7th. There can be breakthroughs and accouterment aural a actual important claimed accord → if it’s meant to be, it will stay. If not, again there will be a above transformation aural that accord and the mural can be adapted badly beneath this 9 accepted vibration.


You have to apathetic down the clip of your activity now and pay added absorption to your actual needs. Exercise, getting outdoors, brainwork and acceptable beddy-bye is added important than anytime beneath the beating of the amount 18. Health can advance if you acquiesce periods of quiet ambition and brainwork to advice calm your mind, physique and soul.


What are you accessible to change? What are you accessible to allure into the accepted surrounding altitude of your environment? This ages it’s important to adapt your life. Set your ambiance in adjustment so that your dreams and visions accurate the approaching administration you wish to follow.

DAYS TO WATCH: 7th, 9th, 12th, 16th, 18th, 21st, 22nd, 25th, 27th